Juan Neumann Center

Juan Neumann Center

Immigration issues and questions.

The Juan Neumann Center was founded on January 20, 2003. Founder and Director Father Ruskin Piedra realized the great need for quality low and no-cost immigration legal services in Sunset Park and its surrounding communities and created the Center in order to meet those needs.

The Center is named after Saint John Neumann, the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia and the first and only male American Bishop to be canonized. Bishop Neumann was passionate about his charity work with recent immigrants to the United States.

Following in his footsteps, the Center seeks to provide the highest quality legal assistance to the Sunset Park immigrant community at the lowest possible cost. Since its inception, the Center has helped over 2,000 individuals with their immigration matters.


The Center strives to strengthen the lives of low-income immigrants in Sunset Park and its surrounding communities by providing low and no-cost direct immigration legal services. The Center seeks to alleviate the many hardships faced by recent immigrants due to status.

Visit their website:   http://www.juanneumanncenter.org

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